20 November 2007

Life is Beautiful

Yesterday, I saw the movie Life is Beautiful on Star Movies.

I had heard of this movie earlier from my friends and have wanted to see it for a long time. Nevertheless, the movie still managed to touch me. It is set in the times of the Holocaust where an Jewish-Italian family is whisked off to a Nazi concentration camp. The father and son end up together. The father has a ready wit and the ability to see the positive side in the darkest of situations. He keeps his son entertained throughout the gruelling tenure at the concentration camp by telling him that this all a big game and every hardship endured would gain them precious points toward winning the game.

The movie set me thinking that Life is indeed beautiful. No matter how many hardships one has to face, if one has the right attitude and keeps smiling through them all, one can sail through them all smoothly. Humor and the ability to see the positive side of things are powerful weapons. They shield one from depression and negativity and provide the motivation to keep going from day to day.

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