22 March 2008

A poem

I am part of a volunteer group in my organization called Harmony@Symphony. Infact, I head this group. It is an informal body that seeks to address various issues in the organization by drawing upon the extensive mind-share it has with various support functions and senior management. We try to find the root cause for each of the issues, discuss at length with involved parties and try to arrive at a mutually satisfactory resolution.

Recent circumstances impelled me to pour my heart out in the following poem. The above context was essential to understand the poem, hence the lengthy preface!

Some say we are the optimists,
Some write us off as mavericks,
We prefer to see the silver lining,
In a crowd of whiners and critics.

The crashing elevator at GA,
The frequently non-working lift;
Management said its good for our health
We applauded – what a paradigm shift!

We braved the stifling summer heat at AG cafeteria,
We waded through ankle-deep water in rains,
We relished being so close to nature,
After all, no pains - no gains!

We rallied during the mass exodus,
The talent drain and the resource crunch,
The Finance hiccups, the Network woes,
With determined optimism, we faced each punch.

A potpourri of various Enterprise Applications,
The sadly unused Intranet Site,
We’re growing, we’re growing - is the cry,
What are we doing to improve our plight?

We moved our belongings from GA to AG,
And then from AG to our campus.
And now some of us will trudge back to AG,
Oh why this entire rumpus?

While everyone around us railed,
We sailed though all the hardship.
And bore the discomfort, the chaos
With the proverbial stiff upper lip.

We reasoned, we cajoled, and we communicated,
We strove for peace and harmony.
We tried to see both sides for all issues,
Oh for a voice of reason, amidst this cacophony!

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?
Are we beating against a closed door?
Are we going about this the wrong way?
It is time to take stock, my friends, I thee implore.


Veena said...

:) good one.

Shruti said...

nice poem!

Your rhyming seems so unforced. I have not had much luck stringing together a rhyme recently and, believe me, I've tried!


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