25 July 2008

Weekend retreat to Wildernest Resort

Last weekend we had been to Wildernest resort near Goa. We drove over the treacherous Amboli ghat and the scenic Chorla ghat in the company of wonderful friends. The resort was a pleasant surprise (at least to me, as I had not bothered to look up the resort website as usual). The entrance to the resort had this quaint sign.

From the car park to the actual resort, we had a bumpy ride in a jeep through what passed for a road. There was a small trek down to reach the entrance of the cottages. We had to keep our eyes peeled for the likes of earthworms, centipedes, spiders and snakes. With a trembling heart, we opened the door to the cottage and were surprised to see this luxurious setting!

Dinner at the restaurant was an even better surprise. Not only was the ambience woodsy and cosy, but the food was hot, appetising and had plenty of variety. We enjoyed the traditional Goan fish curry, fried fish and solkadhi.

Back in the cottage, our senses were too stirred to go back to sleep. And it was raining cats and dogs outside. So we played Dumbcharades till midnight. It was fun and a lot of budding actors and actresses were born that night!

The morning saw us taking the bus to a nearby village and falls. The ride in the bus was rather bumpy for some of our friends - "a rare (read rear) experience!" to quote one of them !

Some picturesque scenes of the countryside below say it all :-)

While driving back we had some "incidents" on the way but that is part and parcel of highway-driving. All in all, it was the most pleasant weekend I had spent among like-minded people in a long, long time!


Anonymous said...

Chaan ani sahaj lihites ga nilu tu, aavadle!!


Anonymous said...
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Shruti said...

Beautiful pictures! The waterfalls are breathtaking.


paamar said...

Nice account !! The words and the pixels together render amazing effect...Your post literally took me back to those 2 days - the room, the stone stairway, lunchroom, our group, fog, rain and noisy crickets :)
I am also thinking of writing about this resort and picnic on my blog. Will take your help if i have forgotten some details.. But with my inbuilt procrastination, I will start in next month :))

Prashant said...

very neat and precise narration :) maja ali wachun!! sagalya major athawani chhan describe kelya aahes...

Endevourme said...

nice pics!
i esp liked the blue fog one :D

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