07 October 2008

Welcome to Sajjanpur

Saw the movie recently. Directed by Shyam Benegal, the movie does have substance though not a whole lot of style. The characters are life-like and do justice to their roles. However, the artsy treatment of the movie may not ensure box-office success. The pace could have been crisper and more in with the times.

The plot of the movie is really thought-provoking. The protagonist is a letter-writer in a village full of illiterates. The story is about how he gets involved in, and influences, other peoples' private lives through writing "emotionally". Being a conduit of passing news to and fro puts him in difficult situations many times. However, he soon learns to do justice to his role and at the same time leave an impact on some lives and thereby elevates his profession from an hitherto BA graduate failure to that of a dignified author.

It set me thinking how small rumors get started in real life just because the person who is passing on a piece of news adds his/her own language or flavor to it thus rendering it quite different from its original form. So many misunderstandings and confusion result from this. If everyone refrains from adding their own emotion or interpretation to things that do not concern them, then life would be so much easier ...and dull!

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Random Blogger 3 (Amit Shirodkar) said...

Good review. Wish Shyam Benegal had made a crisper movie - would have been a hit!
The thought about rumors is especially valid. If people only minded their own business, then life would be much simpler (and duller, as you said :-) ) ...

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