23 January 2009

Outlook for 2009

The 2009 outlook is grim
Has been the hue and cry.
For the last few months,
the economy's been going dry.

Inflation is up,
The stocks are down,
Unemployment on the rise
Has made everyone frown.

Terror on a rampage,
Some nations verged on war;
Banks have collapsed and
No signs of revival from afar.

Multi-million scams afoot,
Oh, what a shame!
Jobs are becoming scarce
Wonder who is to blame.

There is one shining light
Amidst this gloom,
Will the historic Obama
deliver us from this doom?

Time to take stock,
To sharpen one's skills
And bide the right time
to move in for one's kills.

So lets wake up and smell the coffee
Take the longer route to work,
Let us ride this wave with a smile
And not respond with a jerk.

A parable
Two shoe salesmen are dispatched to the depth of a third world continent. Upon his arrival, one salesman calls the home office and screams, “Bring me back. No one here wears shoes.”

The other salesman calls the home office and screams, “Send me all the shoes you have. No one here wears shoes.”

This story is a primer on how to deal with disaster. Some see disaster. Others see opportunity.

Happy 2009!


Veena said...

Great post.. The outlook that is.. the Obama's vision and our hope and trust on him.. and the parable about looking at life as an opportunity.. all very well put in the post.. Good job girl !

state of mind? said...

thats the whole saga zipped in a few poetic lines!!

dats a guuuuud one..:)

J P Joshi said...

A very interesting post. You got the outlook for 2009 all wrapped up in that poem and then a parable to give us an indication as to how to look at life. Enjoyed the post

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