20 June 2009

Rain, rain, don't go away!

Having waited all month in vain
Of drought, there is a scare.
But oh, the promise of rain
Has brought a smile everywhere!

Clouds gathering in the darkening sky,
The wind threatening to rip my curtains,
On a lazy afternoon, has made me spry
As I hasten to protect my home from the rains.

Dashing from room to room,
To shut the doors and windows,
As it thundered with a tremendous boom,
I hoped that there'll also be rainbows!

I rushed out onto the terrace,
To feel the first precious drops,
On my flushed and excited face,
Taking instead the watery wallops.

I watched the children gathered below
Drenched to their skin in the downpour
And trees swaying in a graceful bow
Lapping up the water to their roots' core!

Rain, rain, please don't go away!
Amid inconveniences like mud and potholes
The people of India want you to stay
And pray for your stay with our hearts and souls!


J P Joshi said...

That was a good poem and so very true to the feelings of most Indians. Rain is such a welcome guest in India after the summer, and rightly so - our food crops are dependent on it. The first rains, the smell of the sun baked earth when the first drops sizzle on the dark, parched, brown earth is something that stays with one forever. Yes, "Rain, rain, don't go away!" please.

Shruti said...

Nilu dear, that was a fun poem. I have to say though, that is the first time, I've ever seen pothole rhymed with soul :) :) :)

Gayatri Karthik Gayatri Sivaraman said...

Dear Nilu,
That is a nice sweet poem...
I have known you to be somewhat of a writer always....looks like there is a budding poet also hiding inside you...
Keep rhyming....

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