01 May 2010


All of us have dreams. Not all dreams are lofty as in "I want to become a millionaire." But everyone has some or the other wish that they dream will come true someday. Some dreams are unacknowledged and reside in the mind's subconscious. Others are oft-repeated and sometimes get ridiculed. I have always wondered why people would like to get their dreams made fun of. They are personal and should be treated that way.

Recently I attended a class at office that changed this opinion. In it, one of the sessions involved the participants to visualize that they had achieved their dream and were living it (in the future). We were asked to pen down what we were feeling after having achieved it, what did our family feel, how it impacted the society or our environment and what kind of lifestyle changes had happened in our lives as a result of it.

(Creative) Writing being my passion, this was an easy enough exercise :) But then came the twist. A few of us were asked to read out what we had written out loud to the entire class. Yours truly was of course one of the chosen victims. But as I read out from my paper, I felt liberated. I was actually vocalizing what was a very important life goal for me. And a roomful of people were listening attentively to it. What's more, I got a big round of applause and lots of well wishes that my dream would indeed come true soon as I was able to articulate it in such vivid detail!

Sharing a dream is the first step toward acknowledging it. By sharing it with others, one sort of commits to making it happen as someday one of those folks might come around and ask you what happened of your dream. It is ok if you don't achieve it eventually, but at least you made a sincere effort toward achieving it. Visualizing it coming true is the next step. It crystallizes the end result in one's mind and it is always easy to get something when you know what it is. For e.g., if one feels like eating a mango, its picture pops us in our mind, we can smell its fragrance and one day one actually steps out to buy it. We need to see, feel and smell our dreams. Only then is there any hope of them coming true.

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