23 June 2010

Living for others

All books on spirituality mention that happiness can be found when you do something for others, not for yourself. Since selflessness doesn't come easily to man, God made children. Anyways, I'd heard time and again from friends that they could not do enough for their children. Frankly, all this obsession used to make me feel that they go overboard sometimes. Perhaps, some of them did. But after entering motherhood myself, I can well understand their feelings. Caring for and nurturing a tender young life who depends on you in total faith brings one the greatest happiness in the world. No sacrifice feels enough when it comes to looking after your child. Being entrusted with such blind faith is not only exhilarating but also a bit scary sometimes. Makes you worry constantly if you really are as special as the little one thinks you are. A guileless smile - whether from a toothless baby or a grateful adult surely lights up one's life. One cannot compare its glow with that of financial success or fame. Living for others, unconditionally, truly makes one feel happy and contented.


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Shruti said...

There speaks the Mom. Your post reminds me again of the observations I made in my motherhood blog.
On a different note, I remember when I used to feed Shobha when she was just a few days old, I felt exactly the same way - amazed that this little being is so completely dependent on me - at the same time, afraid of doing something wrong. At that age, any harm that comes to the baby feels entirely like our fault.

Gayatri Karthik Gayatri Sivaraman said...

I cannot but wholeheartedly agree with the statement to the effect - "...cannot compare its glow with any other success..". If someone asks me what I am most proud of - the immediate answer is - being a good mom / raising a well rounded child. It is an ongoing act and there are many achievements to savor along the way. "Mom, you are the best rose gardener.." from a child who is just appreciative of the way you are, beats a top performance rating/promotion hands down any day...;-)