13 July 2010

New platform for waging personal wars

Lately, I've been following the spat between Shobha De and Sonam Kapoor in the news. Apparently the former made some disparaging remarks about the latter's recently released movie and Sonam retaliated on Twitter by giving a (quote) paleontological metaphor (/unquote). Then Ms. De wrote a scathing post in her blog about the upbringing and class (or lack thereof) of the current crop of actors. Sonam then tweeted an apology to nip this feud in the bud. Most likely some elders had made her realize the cost of locking horns with a media mogul of the size of Ms. De especially with another flick coming up for release soon. The comments in De's blog, and also everywhere online, are quite interesting. Opinion is clearly divided as to who lacks class and finesse between the two.

Sometime ago, Mr. Bachchan too had come into the limelight due to some comment he made regarding his son's latest flick 'Raavan'. He then clarified that his post was misinterpreted. I guess most of us are quite familiar with Shashi Tharoor's numerous controversial tweets on Twitter.

Here are some questions that came to my mind-

1) Has the online media become the new platform to wage personal wars, vendatta or washing dirty linen in public?

2) Should eminent critics and/or writers use the online media to voice their candid opinions at the cost of lowering others' worth?

3) Should the new crop of celebrities be given training on how to deal with criticism in a dignified manner so that it does not harm their careers?

4) Should the media keep such a close watch on celebrity blogs and dissect each and every sentence to mean something sinister or controversial? Whatever happened to freedom of speech?

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