22 October 2010

Of lies and motherhood

I am currently hooked onto the new TV series on Star World - "Lie to Me". The show replaced the "Bones" series which I used to follow avidly, hence I was a bit skeptical if I'd like this one. The serial is about the 'Lightman Group' that accepts assignments from third parties and assists in investigations, reaching the truth through applied psychology and micro expressions. It sure opened my eyes to the minutiae of facial expressions and body language and how they can help one detect lies. In some cases, even lack of expression is a sound clue. The comedy in the series is brought about when the "Lie experts" cannot hide their true feelings from each other!

I was particularly impressed by an episode where a couple of adopted girls are kidnapped by their psychologist. The episode had the usual surprise element and brilliant deduction. However, what touched me was the underlying motherhood element in it. There are so many layers to motherhood that somehow never get adequate exposure through literature or media. Especially adoptive mothers or mothers whose children are not biological. No matter which race, nationality, class or status a woman belongs to - being a mother, and a good mother at that, is extremely important to her. I guess that is what is called the biological urge of every female. This urge has sometimes negative repercussions too as a mother may go to any lengths to protect her motherhood. As is seen in the episode where the psychologist kidnaps two of her patients as stand-ins for her dead daughter.

A particularly poignant scene is where the victim girl's mother accuses one of the experts of not understanding as she is not a mother. Turns out that she had been a mother after all, however briefly. Sadly, in spite of going through motherhood, most women are still not understanding of another mother's pain. Also, the pain when a child rejects her parent's love is much more intense in mothers rather than fathers. It can drive mothers to depression or even violence, and in some cases, total indifference.

Motherhood - what we know and hear about it is only the tip of the iceberg.

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