21 December 2010

TV Mania

I've always wondered why some folks (read ladies) are so hooked onto some soaps on the TV. Especially, ladies of my mom's generation are hopeless addicts. The soap may drag on for years together; yet they loyally adjust their routines around it so that they do  not have to miss a single minute of it! Weekends are intolerable for them as there are no TV shows then! Calling them or expecting them to call you while their soap is playing is akin to a crime. Even if she has to miss the show in case she is traveling (or something), my mom makes me watch it so I can tell her the story later :)

For the last few months I've been on a break from work. Staying at home gave me a couple of hours everyday to bond with the idiot box. I too have been hooked onto some shows during this time - some of them thrillers, some soaps, a couple of talk shows and even a reality show. I can now understand the affinity for these shows that some folks have. When you've connected with the characters and watched them evolve on the reel, you feel anxious to know how life will turn out for them! Newsflash for people who claim that watching anything other than news or Discovery is trash - some of these shows are quite informative as well as entertaining.

Now that I'm re-joining work soon, I am going to miss my time with television.

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