09 March 2011

International Women's Day

The significance of Mar 8 has gone up manifold off late. So much so that not wishing a woman in your life on this day is tantamount to insulting or neglecting her. Even in big corporates, there is a lot of emphasis on promoting gender diversity. There are various publicized advantages of this such as different perspectives are brought in etc.

Frankly all this hullabaloo leaves me more confused rather than elated. Is it something to be proud of that the world celebrates an entire day for us women? Is one day enough to justify our importance? Some men say - aren't all days women's days? This year is the centennial year for the women's day celebration. Does that mean that for last 100 years, the status of women in society has remained pretty much the same? Is it something to rejoice over or ponder over gravely?

Flash back a 100 years and we can see that women the world over have risen remarkably in esteem and power. Today's woman walks shoulder to shoulder with men in all walks of life. At the same time, she still rules the roost on the home front. Many men have ventured into the feminine domains of the kitchen and childcare but there is still a long way to go. Working women had to be literally superwomen to be able to juggle all their responsibilities earlier. Nowadays the rules have been relaxed a bit on both the home as well as work fronts. With husbands helping out with household chores, parents pitching in with childcare and employers allowing work-from-home policies, women can balance their work and home lives much better today. They no longer feel guilty and unfulfilled. Infact having a career is not considered taboo for a woman anymore. She can drive, operate complicated gadgets, handle her own finances and supervise a bevy of support staff - be it maids, cooks, nannies, daycare staff to ensure smooth running on the homefront.

Men on the other hand do not seem to be doing anything drastically different from what they were doing a 100 years ago. They still love to follow games(earlier over radio, now on trendy 42" LCD TV), meet up for gossip over beer or chai, discuss the latest gadgets, share financial advice, crib about wife and the mother-in-law and rail at the increasing taxes and inflation.

Perhaps it is time to have an International men's day? They too need the tender loving care and focus that we women have enjoyed for the last century.

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Swapna Kolhatkar said...

this year i felt happy to receive a hand made card from manasi wishing me a happy woman's day !!

somewhere, its little gestures that matter, celebrating only 1 day is probably for giving importance to such little gestures.

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