20 July 2014

Way to a woman's heart..

Saw the new ad for Vicks tablets on TV today. Its raining outside and the husband says "Kitna maza aayega agar aise mausam mein pakode mil jaate". The wife is trying to respond but is experiencing sore throat. She pops a vicks tablet and then quips "Kitna maza aata agar aise mausam mein tumhare haath ke pakode mil jaate!"

Earlier mothers used to advise their newly-wedded daughters - the way to your man's heart is through his stomach. Cook his favorite dishes well and you will have his love for life.

Nowadays, in this age of woman's liberation, as more and more women are becoming full time career women, their men have taken to helping out in the kitchen. Actually, many single men who are living away from home have learnt to cook so that they do not have to be at the mercy of mess and hotels. A lot of men are into cooking meals with variety and take pleasure in surprising their family with their preparations. So much so, that in the latest show of Jhalak Dikhlaja there was a dance by one of the participants where he actually baked a cheese cake while dancing! The chefs who used to dominate the 5-star restaurants are now catering to a more domestic audience.

Indeed, culinary skills are turning out to be one of the most important qualities that women seek while choosing a life partner these days. I am reminded of the time when hubby and I were in the US. Both of us were working, but my commute was much longer than his which meant he usually reached home before me in the evenings. Many times, he used to start the dinner and I'd then finish the remaining when I reached home. It used to feel to good to arrive to a home smelling of food being cooked! Even now, the morning breakfast is served by hubby at least a couple of days a week.

There was a time when men used to say that a woman who can talk sports, politics or business is a welcome addition to the dining table. Nowadays its the women who say that a man who can talk at length about food, recipes and nutrition is a welcome addition in her life. Zamana sachmuch badal raha hai. The way to a woman's heart is through her stomach these days.

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