28 February 2015

What is life?

A purpose, a goal;
A hobby, a passion;
A series of events: some gay, some tragic;
Of births, celebrations and deaths;
An orderly routine, a plan for some;
Drudgery or punishment for others;
An endless party for the intoxicated few.
A journey, a destination or a beginning;
A quest for happiness;
A thirst for love;
An odyssey of wisdom;
A hunt for the elusive knowledge.

Life has so many reasons and definitions,
But who knows which one applies to ours.
Our life is not a noun but an action;
It's meaning is to be unravelled by others;
The legacy we leave behind;
The historians who witnessed it and
Will pass on what it was to others.
Why then are there so many rules;
So many better ways to live life?
When we can never know how we fared;
For the results are announced only after we're dead.

Why the righteousness, the moral high ground;
Toward those struggling to find their way?
When will we learn that we are all on different paths,
We walk together with some at one time,
And with others at another time;
But mostly we travel alone.
By this measure, to live life, 
Its imperative to be comfortable with oneself;
To love, accept and even question ourselves.
Know thyself and you know the universe.
Unfortunate that this truth is disclosed;
In the twilight of life for most of us, if at all. 
Since we cannot apply the truth;
To our life by then, we try to help others;
Forgetting that their journey
Was about themselves and not us.

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