29 September 2011


Both hubby and I enjoy watching the Bones crime drama series. Season 6 is almost ending on Star World.

The series based on forensic anthropology has won our hearts. Jostling for space among other crime series such as CSI, Criminal Minds, Numbers etc., this series stands out owing to its remarkable characters and well-written script. The concept of solving crimes based on just bones and no other physical evidence, is a novel concept at least to me. The series seems quite gory at times, definitely not for the squeamish. But once you get used to it, the story itself keeps you riveted. The two main protagonists - Dr. Temperance Brennan aka Bones and FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth, who are partners in solving crimes reported into the Jeffersonian Lab, are adorable! Their romance has been brewing since Season 1 and viewers (including us) are eagerly awaiting them to acknowledge their feelings finally. The other characters too make the serial an interesting watch.

The character of Bones, especially, who seems robotic and unemotional is very well-thought out. She has problems emoting and appears detached and overly rational. The ups and downs faced by the protagonists in their lives over the series and their special friendship and caring for each other is very touching. Both are scared to enter into a relationship at one or the other point in time with the result being that the viewers are left craving a happy ending. Hopefully, with the season ending this week, there will be some traction on this front :)

The strangest part is that my husband first started to watch it as it was based on crime drama. I got hooked onto it due to the romantic angle. But now, even my husband loves the romance aspect of it! He was quite furious when they introduced another lady in the male protagonist's life some time ago to speed things up:)

Love you Bones and Booth for making our evenings pleasant and giving us something to look forward to on the Idiot box!

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