29 December 2013

Token post for 2013

Just realized that 2013 has not seen a single post by me in my blog! Wanted to redress this at the earliest...So what kept me so busy that I could not write in my blog? Aah - I know...LIFE !

2013 was an enriching year in terms of my personal, professional and social goals. So much has happened in this year and yet so much more to look forward to in 2014. New project at work, a class on product leadership, new friends made through these networks, more activity on social media viz. LinkedIn, Facebook & Whatsapp, milestone birthday bashes galore, mother's health problem, daughter's first dance and concert performances at school, a couple of vacation trips, a cousin got married after a long search for the bride...Yes indeedy, 2013 has been a happening year!

On the news front too so much has happened. There was a verdict delivered in the Aarushi murder case- finally, no matter however flawed. Congress finally lost its monopoly on Indian politics; Sachin finally retired; Dhoom 3 released finally, Ranbir and Katrina finally acknowledged they are a couple, Aamir and Salman finally accepted Koffee with Karan, and India FINALLY took a tough stand with the US on the issue of (hold your breath) a maid !

A year when all three seasons - summer, monsoon and winter were equally acute. When health gave a wake up call, family bonds stretched to test their limits, old friends surfaced anew and current ones chose to take a back seat. When shopping, movies, TV, books - all leisure pursuits took a back seat to the vigorous balancing of work, life and class. Animated movies interested me finally courtsey my 3-year old. A year when '24 ' was aired on TV and got the entire family hooked for 24 episodes in front of the idiot box. So much so that my 3 year old daughter actually looked forward to this family time every weekend! Politics, sports, technology & business - all subjects that I had carefully shunned till date reared their heads stubbornly so that I had to take notice with a vengeance and discovered were not so repellant after all.

A year of humility when I realized that what I had assumed to be me helping others was in fact others helping me find myself...

A year of healing - spiritual, emotional, physical. A year that is the beginning of a new chapter in my life. Only time will tell if its a turning point or not, but it certainly feels so! Suddenly everything seems possible and within reach. 2014, here I come...

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